VitraSOL 3000 Series

Our architectural powder coatings are high performance, high quality, durable coatings developed specifically for architectural applications. A great alternative to liquid coatings, our VitraSOL powder coatings are suitable for use on aluminum and steel for both interior and exterior applications. Additionally, they offer excellent durability, good chemical resistance and incomparable mechanical performance. VitraSOL products are […]

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Powder coatings provide long-term corrosion protection for pipelines, valves, fittings and rebar. The usage for pipelines is applicable for both above and under the ground pipelines. Fusion bonded epoxy powder coatings, typically referred to as FBE Coatings, are epoxy-based technologies that are applied to steel pipe, concrete reinforcing bars (rebar) and on various piping connections, […]

Lawn and Garden

Most all lawn and garden powders need to be exterior durable products. From lawn equipment to snow blowers, Vitracoat provides a wide range of powder coatings that offer corrosion protection in challenging environmental conditions. Vitracoat’s dual-coat powder system includes a basecoat that provides exceptional corrosion resistance and a specifically formulated topcoat that delivers the ultimate […]

Job Coaters

Job coaters represent a very important part of the market. They offer expertise in powder coating and coat a huge variety of products. Vitracoat offers a variety of services that are very beneficial to job coaters. RAL Program Our RAL Program offers almost 200 RAL colors that can be custom made in a range of chemistries […]


In the HVAC market, powder coating is used to protect against corrosion and to improve aesthetics. And, based on the environment (exterior versus interior) of the application and type of system (heating versus cooling), powder coating requirements will vary. Vitracoat’s dual-coat powder system includes a basecoat that provides exceptional corrosion resistance and a specifically formulated […]

General Industrial

The general industrial market encompasses a broad spectrum of applications that require premium performance for the end user. Vitracoat offers a wide-range of powder coatings that will deliver durability and a high quality finish suitable for a variety of these applications, from bicycles to garage shelving. Sample applications that call for a durable finish includes: […]


Excellent surface protection and an attractive finish is very important when it comes to the furniture market. Outdoor furniture, especially, can be exposed to harsh environments and require a powder coating to protect them from wear and tear, while also giving them a beautiful appearance. Vitracoat offers an extensive range of powder coatings that include […]