VitraVISION Color Matching System

This tool allows us to bring the eye of our lab to the customer’s facility

Vitracoat is the first to introduce this innovative solution to color matching. VitraVISION speeds up the color-matching process by utilizing a hand-held colorimeter that allows for instantaneous color comparison. It has an algorithm that not only reads the color, but also interfaces with our color database.

Our field staff can use the colorimeter at customer sites to test color samples and, in real time use an app on their phone, connect with the Vitracoat database to search for all the products that match the tested sample.

Without the connection to the database, all you’re doing is comparing one color to another, and the customer has to be physically with you. This tool allows us to bring the eye of our lab to the customer’s facility, search results immediately, show colors that are close matches, and list each color’s numeric readings comparing the Delta-E numbers. Results also include chemistry, physical properties, cure schedule, gloss, price point, inventory amount and location of current inventory. Customers can pick the product that best fits their needs, or request test panels made with sample colors that can be shipped out the same day as the on-site spectrometer reading.

The tool can also be used to confirm color accuracy on-site during customers test runs. Comparing that color to the actual standard, it’s now possible to get a reading instantaneously. VitraVISION takes away the visual or subjective view and gives you a numeric reading immediately.

VitraVISION Powder Coatings