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We Develop Powder Coatings that Revolutionize Industry.

Whether you are looking for an exotic finish or a product to streamline your business you have come to right place. We utilize the latest technologies and support to deliver the best to our customers around the globe.

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We focus on the areas that help your business grow.

We're a Powder Coating Supplier that Delivers a Superior Finish

Vitracoat is committed to producing the highest quality products, with the goal of building mutually beneficial relationships with our valued customers. Our powder coatings deliver a superior finish for a vast range of innovative solutions including superdurable and corrosion resistant, premium weathering, bonded metallics, heat resistant, low energy, antimicrobial and so much more.
With a wide array of RAL and stock colors to select from, Vitracoat has manufacturing locations in the USA, Mexico and South America with distribution centers located throughout North and South America. We manufacture our powder coatings with the following markets in mind – architectural, agriculture and construction, HVAC, furniture, general industrial and custom coater.
Our goal is to earn your business becoming an extension to your powder coating operation. We focus on the areas that help your business grow. Our expertise will not only design a specific powder coating for your operation, but assist you with optimal applied cost, increased line density, improved coverage and over all process optimization.

Why Powder Coatings?

Powder Coatings are durable, attractive, scratch-resistant, long-lasting and environmentally responsible when compared to other finishes. Used for protective and decorative purposes, powder coatings are available in an almost limitless range of colors and textures, and technological advancements have resulted in excellent performance properties. While powder coatings are 100% solid with virtually zero VOC’s they are easy to apply and give you not only an attractive finish but a protection for asset for many years. Thermoset powder coatings contain a crosslinker that goes through a chemical change when exposed to heat or radiant energy. This crosslinking will give you not only the functional aspects your product may need but the ability to create thousands of different looks. These powder coatings can be developed in smooth, low and high gloss, metallics, bonded, textures, peels, multi-colors, hammertones, dormants, wrinkles and almost endless different appearances.