Vitracoat’s powder coatings are suitable for the pipeline market

Powder coatings provide long-term corrosion protection for pipelines, valves, fittings and rebar. The usage for pipelines is applicable for both above and under the ground pipelines. Fusion bonded epoxy powder coatings, typically referred to as FBE Coatings, are epoxy-based technologies that are applied to steel pipe, concrete reinforcing bars (rebar) and on various piping connections, valves to protect them from highly corrosive environments. They provide excellent adhesion and offer superior resistance to cathodic disbondment.

Vitracoat’s VitraFUSE powder coatings suitable for the functional market are used on the following:

  • Rebar
  • Gas transmission
  • Valves
  • Gas riser pipe
  • Water tanks
  • Fire hydrants


VitraFUSE Powder Coatings

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VitraFUSE Powder Coatings