VitraCOOL Reflective Powder Coatings

VitraCOOL Reflective Powder Coatings

VitraCOOL Reflective Powder Coatings

Reflective Powder Coatings to Keep Spaces Cooler

Because darker surfaces absorb solar energy wheras lighter surfaces reflect it, this can create significantly more heat within the object. When it comes to buildings specifically, the darker the color of the facade of the building, the more energy is needed to cool it. Not only will this effect the interior temperature, but the quality of the processed materials effected by the excessive increased temperatures.

VitraCOOL is an innovative powder coating system where you can significantly control the heat reflection properties of the surface. Because of special pigments the effectiveness of VitraCOOL increases as the color shade selected darkens.

Depending on the color, the improvement in reflection can be up to 20% and the surface temperature can
decrease by up to 20%.

VitraCOOL can be handled like other powder coatings and also offer various Qualicoat and GSB approvals.


  • Improvement of infrared reflection of over 20% depending on the color.
  • Reduction in surface temperature by up to 20%
  • Reduction of mechanical stress of metals in outdoor area
  • Reduction of energy costs for cooling the building
  • Easy handling
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in a large selection of RAL colors