Senior Sales Representative

This position is responsible for the coordination of all sales, prospecting, and service activities for customers and prospects within a select territory and in some cases specific account support outside the defined territory.  He/She will have to meet an annual budget for sales, margin, and expenses. Sales skills, Technical expertise, moral conduct, and professionalism will be expected and continually evaluated.


  Sales Expertise

  • The successful candidate must be able to build relationships with prospective customers
  • The successful candidate must have excellent negotiating skills
  • Must have the ability to use multiple communication methods effectively
  • The person must be knowledgeable about competitors, knowing their strengths and weakness
  • The successful candidate must have excellent verbal communication skills
  • The successful candidate must be willing/able to find new prospects utilizing multiple sources
  • The successful candidate must be able to work closely and collaboratively with Customer Service, Operations, Research and Development Labs, Zone Managers, and upper Management within Vitracoat.
  • The successful candidate must be an expert at developing and executing a plan to gain business from targeted prospects
  • The successful candidate must have excellent presentation skills


  Technical Expertise:

  • This position requires an understanding of all aspects of the powder coating process.
  • This position requires the ability to determine the right powder coating solution for any given opportunity.
  • This position requires a working knowledge of the powder coating chemistries commercially available, the benefits and weaknesses of each one.
  • This position requires the ability to compose a technical audit report
  • This position must utilize inputs from multiple sources to develop the best and most practical approach to the market.
  • This position requires a proven track record with the selling process
  • This position may require participation in industry shows
  • This position requires collaboration and functional guidance of technical support people for territory


  Additional Responsibilities 

  • Extensive travel may be required for this position
  • Complete expense reports for business travel in a timely and complete manner
  • Gather information as needed to complete Laboratory Work Requests as needed to grow business
  • Traveling to Vitracoat’s corporate office in Mexico may be required
  • Working in a team environment being respectful and professional with all Vitracoat employees
  • Network to help grow business in the territory
  • Meet annual sales targets
  • Stay within budgeted expenses for business travel and entertainment
  • Manage inventory levels and move aged inventory

While this position will not start with any direct reports he/she must be willing to train, mentor, and/or support all members of the sales and marketing team to optimize effort and focus on achieving business sales and profit goals.   


  • Ability to manage multiple projects is a must
  • Organizational skills essential
  • Communications skills both oral and written will be of significant importance.
  • The ability to travel
  • Experience and proficient use of all Microsoft Office programs, Adobe, Apple Products with the ability to work with new software as needed.
  • Knowledge of the coatings market place especially powder coatings
  • Knowledge of the powder coating process
  • Proven Sales Track Record
  • The ability to work independent
  • Excellent computer skills

High School education is a must. A four (4) year chemistry, marketing, or business degree is a plus. This person must have minimum ten (10) years of experience in sales, experience with coatings specifically powder coatings is a plus.

Midwest Region, USA


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