Webinar: Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Powder Coatings Operation

Date: November 15, 2022

Event Link: https://www.pfonline.com/events/details/top-10-ways-to-improve-your-powder-coatings-operation?utm_bmcr_source=social


November 15, 2022

Webinar Time: 10:00AM | Central Time (US & Canada)

About This Webinar

In this session, Steve will cover the top 10 things to consider as you work to optimize your powder coating operation. This webinar is designed for those new to powder coatings, long-time veterans and everyone else in-between. Vitracoat will go through these 10 essential areas and share the tools to implement the ones that make sense for your operation.

Powder can be one of the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly industrial coatings to use, but over a period of time, one occasionally moves away from optimal and finds they are spending too much time looking for process solutions and not coating parts. This session will spell out what areas you should focus on and how to effectively make the changes to see immediate sustainable improvement.

Steve will share with you how to reach the goals needed for your powder operations sooner than you think. You will not want to miss this training session, as it will be entertaining as well as deeply educational for all powder coating professionals.


  • Powder coating process improvement
  • Quality control improvement for a powder operation
  • Top 10 things to target for a powder coating process
  • Tools to improve your powder process
  • Troubleshooting your powder operation


Steve Houston, Vice President and Business Director
For more than 35 years, Steve Houston has managed large sales organizations, technical support teams, and research and development groups—and has years of experience as a speaker and trainer for powder coatings. Steve served as DuPont’s marketing and sales excellence leader for the coatings and color technologies platform as well as global marketing director for the industrial coatings division. He served as the executive director for The Powder Coatings Institute, then vice president of sales, marketing and business expansion for the powder division of RPM. Currently, Steve is the vice president and business director at Vitracoat, an independent powder supplier to the western hemisphere.