VitraSLIP Low Friction Powder Coatings

When it is important to have a powder coated surface where items can slide or slip effortlessly

Low friction powder coatings produce an extremely low coefficient of friction which makes them the ideal coating solution for certain applications.

Friction-reducing materials are added to the powder formula to produce this low friction characteristic which allows interlocking or meshing products to slide effortlessly within each other.

High slip can be beneficial on shopping carts to ensure they fit together without fear of chipping. They are also useful on the under carriage of lawn mowers for easy removal of grass clippings. Drawer slides can glide effortlessly without the coating being worn away and they can additionally allow for easy removal and reduced collection of brake dust on automotive wheels.

Vitracoat has developed a technique that not only provides durability and hard coatings, but when combined with the low coefficient of friction, makes low friction powder coatings the perfect application for earth moving machinery and commercial snow removal equipment.

Ideal Applications

  • Grocery Carts
  • Drawer Slides
  • Snow Removal Equipment
  • Automotive Wheels
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Refrigerator Shelves
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Automotive Wheels