VitraZn Zinc Containing Powder Coatings

Applied to protect steel surfaces from corrosion and extend the surface’s life

Zinc containing powder coatings are used by many industries for the corrosion protection of steel substrates. These coating materials have demonstrated improved
atmospheric corrosion performance when compared to carbon steels protected only by organic coatings.

VitraZn is a specially designed proprietary formulation and a unique manufacturing process that allows us to introduce a significant amount of zinc into the coating to maximize its corrosion protection versus organic barrier coatings. We offer a wide range of Zinc containing coatings that can provide a sacrificial cathodic protection with long-term protective benefits.

Ideal Applications

  • Coil Springs
  • Construction Trailer
  • Boat Trailer
  • Ornamental Fencing
  • Automotive Underbody and Underhood
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment