Webinar: Troubleshooting Powder Coating Problems

Date: August 10, 2023

Event Link: https://www.bigmarker.com/gardner-business-media-inc-w1/Troubleshooting-Powder-Coating-Problems?utm_bmcr_source=Vitracoat


Time: 1:00 PM Central Time


If you spray powder, inevitably you will have a problem. It is inherent to any process or operation. In this session, Steve will take you through the most common issues and problems any operation will be faced with on a day-to-day basis and—most importantly—how to resolve them quickly and efficiently and reduce the chance of them ever happening again.

This session includes real-life case studies where issues were resolved using the methods that will be spelled out in this session. Steve is a veteran trainer that will show you many examples of problems you, as a powder professional, can relate to and how to manage many common issues that have or will arise. This is a must-see for any powder consumer, no matter your experience level.


  • Powder problems and how to resolve them
  • Case studies with proven results
  • Trained by an industry-leading expert


Steve Houston, Vice President, Business Director

For more than 35 years, Steve Houston has managed large sales organizations, technical support teams, and research and development groups—and has years of experience as a speaker and trainer for powder coatings. Steve served as DuPont’s marketing and sales excellence leader for the coatings and color technologies platform as well as global marketing director for the industrial coatings division. He served as the executive director for The Powder Coatings Institute, then vice president of sales, marketing and business expansion for the powder division of RPM. Steve is the vice president and business director at Vitracoat, an independent powder supplier to the western hemisphere.